Kernel Analyzer November, 2004
>Kernel Analyzer


This website presents a project I did for personnal purpose, and whose realisation is a monitoring and debug tool for Linux Kernel.

So far It works only on platform with single x86 processor. In download section, there is a patch for Linux Kernel 2.6.9.

This project aims at providing a tool to monitor system activity by recording informations about task preemptions and interruptions.The data generated by Kernel Analyzer is meant to fit the real-time developer needs, including driver timing issues and scheduling efficiency analysis. It can also help to have an overview of the system.

Since Kernel Analyzer is interfaced with KBD, It can also be used to trace system activities history during debugging time or directly when a crash occurs.

All information are recorded with a clock cycle accuracy, and can be graphically displayed with a Java GUI afterward.

Hardware tools exist to make this job, but Kernel Analyzer is only software, and thus easy to use. It doesn't disturb the task scheduling, and doesn't overload the system.

Any comment is welcome. Replacing correctly, my email is: sylvain.becker AT gmail DOT com.